Creative Director (ATLANTA | NYC | MOSCOW): Arseni "Senya" Zaitsev.

Arseni bridges the gap between digital design and the process of fabrication at a variety of scales. While at Harvard, Arseni worked on pushing innovation in technology and real estate financing. Besides this professional practice, his extensive experience and academic concentration in digital fabrication processes came from studying for his Masters of Architecture at GaTech. In the past, Arseni has collaborated on and completed projects locally as well as internationally. Arseni has taught digitally provocative courses at GaTech that have been showcased. He is a registered architect, designer in multiple media and product developer: always learning - always doing.

Arseni has co-founded three other organizations: DigitalWorkshopAtl, Sunny Etc, & FabLab, DWA is an organization that helps individuals learn 2D representation, 3D modeling, and 3D parametric software. Sunny Etc focuses on improving traditional construction methods of building, as well as consulting agency for solar and thermal energy for your home. FabLab helps realize projects with assistance of various CNC fabrication technologies.

Managing Director (Boston/NYC): Swaleha Lalani.

Creative Director (Atlanta | Los Angeles): Jonathan Henry.

Jonathan is a recent graduate from The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIArc). He has a passion for design thinking and problem solving. He realizes that design is not just about making things pretty but also about the socio-political impact that created objects have on the world. Jonathan has been molding his career in pursuit of this mindset. He has recently rejoined the studio after gained many various experiences on the west coast working intimatly on design, animation, and fabrication allowing for new insite to each unique project. His personal portfolio and blog can be located at Scalar Designs

Managing Director (Atlanta): Anya Khalo

Marketing and Graphics: Andrew Young


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